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November 4, 2019

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People are pretty pumped when they hear their pooc People are pretty pumped when they hear their pooches are allowed to join them on their holiday! We pride ourselves in being a dog-friendly campground because we know they are an integral part of the whānau 🐩🐕‍🐕‍🦺
Like giant glowing garlic/onions in the dark of ni Like giant glowing garlic/onions in the dark of night. At least, that's how more than a few of our guests have described our @lotusbelle tents. Whelp, the more garlic the better we say so we'll take the compliment thank you! 🙏
Let us sing for it is finally spring! 🌸🌸🌸 Bring on beach picnics and longer days to enjoy our beautiful surroundings 🙌
Ooh the sweet memories of summer still linger, (be Ooh the sweet memories of summer still linger, (before the global pandemic of course). We recognise how lucky we are to be safe and healthy in this wondrous country. There's never been a better time to explore your our own backyard and get that sense of wanderlust close to home 🌅 Here's a wee video to hopefully spark inspiration for an NZ vacation 🙌 ​ ​🎵 - Braces, @goodspacemusic
The gateway to the East Cape, beyond these bends a The gateway to the East Cape, beyond these bends are many treasures we're continuing to discover 🙌
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