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November 4, 2019

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A sunny spa with a big storm on the the horizon, h A sunny spa with a big storm on the the horizon, how mesmerising. ​ ​Nature is constantly changing which is what makes it exciting. 🌞   ​ ​
It's such a treat to have @zephyr.wainui down the It's such a treat to have @zephyr.wainui down the road when we need a change of scenery. Their smoothie bowls will take you straight to Bali and back again 🙌  ​ ​Ft. Tatapouri residents Jack and Liv 🌸
Just like that the festive season is finito! The g Just like that the festive season is finito! The good news is our glamping tents have become more available 🙏 So if you fancy a wee escape to the East Cape, we've got just the place 🌊
SOUND ON 🔊Miss Miso loves a cheeky pastry on we SOUND ON 🔊Miss Miso loves a cheeky pastry on weekends. Her motto is "There are days to treat yourself and those days are every day".  ​ ​We're open this week from Tue - Thurs 8am to 12pm and Friday - Sat 8am to 3pm friends.S
Happy 2021, may it be a good one with lots of fun 🙌 No doubt more challenges await us but we're staying positive because it's better than the other option let's be honest. Creating a space to foster a strong, connected and happy community is our main focus and we're always looking for ways to make this vision more of a reality.  ​ ​Thank you for your incredible support as always, much beauty awaits on the horizon 😌
Who needs Reindeer when you have a John Deere aye? Who needs Reindeer when you have a John Deere aye?! Our camp Kaumātua Matt makes it always feel like Christmas with his weekly fry bread deliveries 🙌 Sorry Santa but you have been replaced mate. Happy Holidays
Gizzy has been giving Hawaii a run for it's money! Gizzy has been giving Hawaii a run for it's money! With temperatures hitting 30 degrees and unreal water clarity it's been an idyllic week to say the least 👌